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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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To examine whether commonly used comorbidity indexes (Deyo-Charlson comorbidity index, Elixhauser comorbidity index, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) comorbidity tiers) capture comorbidities in the acute traumatic and nontraumatic SCI inpatient rehabilitation population.
Author: Donna Huang, Sameer Siddiqui, Chloe S. Slocum, Richard Goldstein, Ross D. Zafonte, Jeffrey C. Schneider
Thank you for publishing the article “How Should the Rehabilitation Community Prepare for 2019-nCoV?” in a recent issue.1 The coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) crisis has been daunting! For many of us, the pace at which we have been receiving, interpreting, and applying the most current clinical knowledge to our settings of practice has been unprecedented. Day by day and hour by hour, experts in the areas of infection prevention and control continue to adjust recommendations in an attempt to protect the public, patients, and providers.
Author: Vishwa S. Raj
We read with interest the article by Koh and Hoenig1 published in a recent issue describing the challenge for the rehabilitation community with respect to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) pandemic. Despite efforts, as of April 4, 2020, a total of 1,051,635 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in 205 countries and territories.2 Early epidemiological reports showed that 8.2% (95% confidence interval, 7.07-9.47) of the total cases presented with rapid and progressive respiratory failure, similar to acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS), and that its treatment methods range from mechanical ventilation to extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in the most severe cases.
Author: Gonzalo Rivera-Lillo, Rodrigo Torres-Castro, Guilherme Fregonezi, Jordi Vilaró, Homero Puppo
Case-control study of ultrasound evaluation of acute median nerve response to upper-extremity circuit training in spinal cord injury.Individuals with Spinal cord injury (SCI) often present signs and symptoms of median nerve (MN) pathology. Pre-clinical signs identification of MN pathology might facilitate early intervention to prevent or delay CTS in SCI.
Author: Luisa Betancourt, Rachel E. Cowan, Andrew Chang, Robert Irwin
To determine the effect of a removable rigid dressing (RRD) on the time to residual limb maturation compared with elastic bandage (EB) in transtibial amputees.
Author: Nantawan Koonalinthip, Aungsumalin Sukthongsa, Siriporn Janchai
To assess the utility of applying natural language processing (NLP) to electronic health records (EHRs) to identify individuals with chronic mobility disability.
Author: Nicole Agaronnik, Charlotta Lindvall, Areej El-Jawahri, Wei He, Lisa Iezzoni
To evaluate the construct validity (hypotheses testing) of the Chilean-Spanish version of the Functional Status Score for the Intensive Care Unit (FSS-ICU) using continuous actigraphy from intensive care unit (ICU) admission to ICU discharge.
Author: Agustín Camus-Molina, Felipe González-Seguel, Ana Cristina Castro-Ávila, Jaime Leppe
To evaluate whether tobacco use, alcohol consumption, and weight gain are associated with the diagnosis of overuse musculoskeletal injuries within the first 12 months following lower limb amputation.
Author: Haylee Yepson, Brittney Mazzone, Susan Eskridge, Kaeley Shannon, Elizabeth Awodele, Shawn Farrokhi
To investigate pain catastrophizing presentations up to 6-months postoperatively and subsequent changes in pain intensity and physical function.
Author: Nicholas A. Giordano, Alexandra Kane, Kalyn C. Jannace, Winifred Rojas, Mary Jo Lindl, Eugenio Lujan, Harold Gelfand, Michael L. Kent, Krista B. Highland

British Journal of Sports Medicine ( Full Text available for some articles)

Author: Trabelsi, K., Bragazzi, N., Zlitni, S., Khacharem, A., Boukhris, O., El-Abed, K., Ammar, A., Khanfir, S., Shephard, R. J., Hakim, A., Moalla, W., Chtourou, H.
Author: Rio, E. K., Mc Auliffe, S., Kuipers, I., Girdwood, M., Alfredson, H., Bahr, R., Cook, J. L., Coombes, B., Fu, S. N., Grimaldi, A., de Vos, R.-J., Lewis, J. S., Maffulli, N., Malliaras, P., Magnusson, S. P., Oei, E. H. G., Purdam, C. R., Rees, J. D., Scott, A., Gravare Silbernagel, K., Speed, C., Akker-Scheek, I. v. d., Vicenzino, B. T., Weir, A., Wolf, J. M., Zwerver, J.
Author: Reiman, M. P., Agricola, R., Kemp, J. L., Heerey, J. J., Weir, A., van Klij, P., Kassarjian, A., Mosler, A. B., Ageberg, E., Hölmich, P., Warholm, K. M., Griffin, D., Mayes, S., Khan, K. M., Crossley, K. M., Bizzini, M., Bloom, N., Casartelli, N. C., Diamond, L. E., Di Stasi, S., Drew, M., Friedman, D. J., Freke, M., Gojanovic, B., Glyn-Jones, S., Harris-Hayes, M., Hunt, M. A., Impellizzeri, F. M., Ishoi, L., Jones, D. M., King, M. G., Lawrenson, P. R., Leunig, M., Lewis, C. L., Mathieu, N., Moksnes, H., Risberg, M.-A., Scholes, M. J., Semciw, A. I., Serner, A., Thorborg, K., Wörner, T., Dijkstra, H. P.
Author: O'Donovan, G., Tabares Garcia, J., Brunal Berrocal, D., Gaviria Garcia, N.

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International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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New zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physical Therapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (Full-text available via NHS Athens after 18 months)

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