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  • Physiotherapy in  orthopaedics : a problem solving approach
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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Before the development of robotic exoskeletons, mobility options beyond a wheelchair were very limited for most people lacking leg movement due to spinal cord injury (SCI). Over the years, robotic exoskeletons have become more widely available and now have the potential to be successfully used for personal use at home and in the community. However, it is important that users set realistic expectations. The features and capabilities of each robotic exoskeleton differ, and how exoskeletons are used may vary greatly between individuals.
Author: Casey Kandilakis, Elizabeth Sasso-Lance, Shepherd Center Atlanta
To identify existing outcome measurement instruments (OMIs) assessing risk factors for cardiometabolic disease in adolescents and adults with cerebral palsy (CP) reported on in the literature or used in the field.
Author: Joyce L. Benner, Patrick G. McPhee, Jan Willem Gorter, Edward A. Hurvitz, Mark D. Peterson, Joyce Obeid, Marilyn Wright, Astrid C.J. Balemans, Olaf Verschuren, Rita H.J. van den Berg-Emons, Wilma M.A. van der Slot, Marij E. Roebroeck
Author: Allen W. Heinemann, Leighton Chan, Helen M. Hoenig
To investigate trials abstracts evaluating treatments for low back pain with regards to completeness of reporting, spin (i.e., interpretation of study results that overemphasizes the beneficial effects of the intervention), and inconsistencies in data with the full text.
Author: Dafne Port Nascimento, Leonardo Oliveira Pena Costa, Gabrielle Zoldan Gonzalez, Christopher G. Maher, Anne M. Moseley
Achieving universal health coverage (UHC) is a World Health Organization (WHO) strategic priority. UHC means “all people receive quality health services that meet their needs without being exposed to financial hardship in paying for the services”. Rehabilitation is among the services included in UHC. As part of the WHO Rehabilitation 2030 call for action, WHO is developing its Package of Rehabilitation Interventions (PRI) to support ministries of health in planning, budgeting and integrating rehabilitation interventions into health systems.
Author: Alexandra Rauch, Stefano Negrini, Alarcos Cieza;
Explore the association between demographic factors and functional performance measures of patients with acute stroke in an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF) and falls during the IRF stay, and to quantify the diagnostic accuracy of functional outcome measures in identifying fallers.
Author: Megan Eikenberry, Kathleen J. Ganley, Nan Zhang, Carolyn Kinney
To test the efficacy of low-dose extracorporeal shock wave therapy (ESWT) on osteoarthritis knee pain, lower limb function and cartilage alteration for patients with knee osteoarthritis.
Author: Zongye Zhong, Bangzhong Liu, Guanghua Liu, Jun Chen, Yun Li, Jianxin Chen, Xinxin Liu, Yiwen Hu
To produce an electronic decision tree (DT) version of the Boston Carpal Tunnel Questionnaire (DT-BCTQ) using the Chi-squared automatic interaction detection (CHAID) algorithm to reduce questionnaire length of the Boston carpal tunnel questionnaire (BCTQ) while minimizing the loss of measurement properties.
Author: M.C. Jansen, M.J.W. van der Oest, H.P. Slijper, J.T. Porsius, R.W. Selles
Rehabilitation is the care needed when a person is experiencing or is likely to experience limitations in everyday functioning due to ageing or a health condition, including chronic diseases or disorders, injuries or traumas. The changing health and demographic trends are contributing to rapid increases globally in numbers of people experiencing declines in functioning. Hence, rehabilitation needs that are already very high will further increase in the years to come.
Author: Alarcos Cieza

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Cariopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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New zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physical Therapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (Full-text available via NHS Athens after 18 months)

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