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  • Physiotherapy in  orthopaedics : a problem solving approach
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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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To investigate the effectiveness of acute and subacute residential rehabilitation secondary to traumatic brain injury (TBI) in Cyprus.
Author: Mikaella Kokkinou, Fofi Constantinidou, Fotini Demetriou, Demetris Demetriou, Akrivi Kardama, Savvina Chrysostomou
To develop a motorized robot for remote visual observation by a clinician and test preliminary automatic counting of repetitive exercise in order to enhance patient adherence to physical therapy at home.
Author: Ishan Ranasinghe, Arun Jayaraman, Ting Xiao, Ram Dantu, Mark Thompson, Mark Albert
Cortical priming is an emerging strategy to enhance motor recovery after stroke, however, limited information exists on the neuromodulator effects of lower limb movement-based priming to improve corticomotor excitability after stroke. Our research objective was to investigate the feasibility and effectiveness of game-based ankle movement priming using a wearable motion tracking system (DIG-I-PRIME™) on corticomotor excitability and motor behavior in chronic stroke survivors
Author: Sangeetha Madhavan, Hyosok Lim, Cristian Luciano
Technology has commonly been employed as a strategy, particularly during community and tele-rehabilitation, to enhance stroke survivors’ (SSs) participation in rehabilitation. The objective of this study was to explore chronic stroke survivors’ experiences with technology and video games
Author: Shilpa Krishnan, Emily Stafford, Amy Trask, Mason Spratling, Trisha Kesar
Identify baseline clinical characteristics and treatment-related factors that impact adherence to onabotulinumtoxinA treatment in post-stroke and multiple sclerosis (MS) patients from the Adult Spasticity International Registry (ASPIRE) study.
Author: Alberto Esquenazi, Wuwei Feng, George Wittenberg, Philippe Gallien, Alessio Baricich, Kristina Fanning, Aleksej Zuzek, Gerard Francisco, Daniel Bandari
To develop and continuously update a public dashboard on data collected from the Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Model System collaborative study examining chronic pain for individuals with moderate to severe TBI.
Author: Dave Mellick, Jeanne Hoffman, Jessica Ketchum, Cynthia Harrison-Felix
Geographic location has been shown to be predictive of healthcare outcomes in several patient populations. However, limited research exists examining the effect of geographic differences in rehabilitation outcomes for adults with traumatic brain injury (TBI) who received care at an inpatient rehabilitation facility (IRF). The purpose of this study was to examine regional differences in rehabilitation outcomes among adult patients with TBI who received IRF care.
Author: Tolu Oyesanya, Tim Moran, Tamara Espinoza, David Wright
To investigate, in a national sample of people with spinal cord injury (SCI), the prevalence and effectiveness of cannabinoids for pain, and the relationships between cannabinoid use and demographic/health-related characteristics.
Author: Andrew Delgado, Elizabeth Felix, Adam Fry, Arianny Ramirez, Laiba Afzal, Chung-ying Tsai, Kristell Taylor, Thomas Bryce
To compare findings from a review of mobile apps available in popular app stores with a scoping review of the literature examining existing evidence for mHealth apps for people living with the effects of stroke.
Author: Suzanne Burns, Jaimee Perea, Madeleine Terblanche, Hannah Lillard, Catalina De La Pena, Noelle Grinage
To investigate the changes in generative naming ability and symptom scores following a sports-related concussion (SRC).
Author: Hyunsoo Yoo, Mahiyar Nasarwanji, Bess Sirmon-Taylor

British Journal of Sports Medicine ( Full Text available for some articles)

Author: Hayden, J. A., Wilson, M. N., Stewart, S., Cartwright, J. L., Smith, A. O., Riley, R. D., van Tulder, M., Bendix, T., Cecchi, F., Costa, L. O. P., Dufour, N., Ferreira, M. L., Foster, N. E., Gudavalli, M. R., Hartvigsen, J., Helmhout, P., Kool, J., Koumantakis, G. A., Kovacs, F. M., Kuukkanen, T., Long, A., Macedo, L. G., Machado, L. A. C., Maher, C. G., Mehling, W., Morone, G., Peterson, T., Rasmussen-Barr, E., Ryan, C. G., Sjögren, T., Smeets, R., Staal, J. B., Unsgaard-Tondel, M., Wajswelner, H., Yeung, E. W., On behalf of Chronic Low Back Pain IPD Meta-Analysis Group
Author: Lin, I., Wiles, L., Waller, R., Caneiro, J., Nagree, Y., Straker, L., Maher, C. G., O'Sullivan, P. P. B.

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International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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New zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physical Therapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (Full-text available via NHS Athens after 18 months)

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