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  • Cardiovascular / respiratory physiotherapy
  • Cash textbook of general and medical and surgical conditions for physiotherapists
  •  Musculoskeletal physiotherapy: clinical science and evidence based practice
  •  Physiotherapy for burns and plastic reconstruction of  the hand
  • Physiotherapy for children
  • Physiotherapy in  orthopaedics : a problem solving approach
  • Physiotherapy in respiratory care: an evidence based approach
  • Practical evidence based physiotherapy
  • Recent advances in physiotherapy
  • Tidy’s Physiotherapy

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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

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To investigate the association between prescriptions for bisphosphonates, calcium/Vitamin D supplements, and receipt of DXA screening, and incident fracture risk in men and women with a spinal cord injury/disorder (SCI/D).
Author: Laura D. Carbone, Beverly Gonzalez, Scott Miskevics, Cara Ray, Bella Etingen, Marylou Guihan, B. Catharine Craven, Varghese George, Frances M. Weaver
To determine the differences between clinical effects of electro-acupuncture and biofeedback therapy in addition to conventional treatment in patients with cervical Myofascial Pain Syndrome (MPS).
Author: Fariba Eslamian, Fatemeh Jahanjou, Neda Dolatkhah, Alireza Pishgahi, Ali Pirani
The Minimal Clinically Important Difference (MCID) is receiving increasing interest and importance in medical practice and research. The MCID is the smallest improvement in scores in the domain of interest which patients perceive as beneficial. In clinical trials, comparing the proportion of individuals between treatment and control groups who obtain a MCID may be more informative than comparisons of mean change between groups since a statistically significant mean difference does not necessarily represent a difference that is perceived as meaningful by treatment recipients.
Author: James F. Malec, Jessica M. Ketchum
To evaluate the effects of early discharge followed by geriatric interdisciplinary home rehabilitation for older people with hip fracture on independence in Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) compared with in-hospital geriatric care according to a multifactorial rehabilitation program.
Author: Åsa Karlsson, Nina Lindelöf, Birgitta Olofsson, Monica Berggren, Yngve Gustafson, Peter Nordström, Michael Stenvall
to analyze the acute hemodynamic effects of adding VRBT using exergames for cardiac patients undergoing CR.
Author: Mayara Moura Alves da Cruz, Ana Laura Ricci-Vitor, Giovanna Lombardi Bonini Borges, Paula Fernanda da Silva, Felipe Ribeiro, Luiz Carlos Marques Vanderlei
Patients at-risk of, or those with knee osteoarthritis (OA) may present with a knee flexion contracture (FC). A knee FC can cause pain and can decrease function. By altering lower extremity biomechanics, the impact of a knee FC goes beyond the affected joint. Compensatory movements during gait can chronically affect other joints in both lower limbs. Few studies describe the impact of a knee FC on, or direct assessment toward, the contralateral knee. We investigated the associations between knee FC with range of extension, function, pain, and stiffness of the contralateral knee.
Author: T Mark Campbell, Guy Trudel
To examine the associations of three major hospital discharge services covered under health insurance (discharge planning, rehabilitation discharge instruction, and coordination with community care) with potentially avoidable readmissions within 30 days (30-day PAR) in older adults after rehabilitation in acute care hospitals in Tokyo, Japan.
Author: Seigo Mitsutake, Tatsuro Ishizaki, Rumiko Tsuchiya-Ito, Kazuaki Uda, Chie Teramoto, Sayuri Shimizu, Hideki Ito
To investigate the risk of psychiatric disorders following TBI, and to clarify whether the post-TBI rehabilitation was associated with a lower risk of developing psychiatric disorders.
Author: Ta-Chuan Yeh, Wu-Chien Chien, Chi-Hsiang Chung, Chih-Sung Liang, Hsin-An Chang, Yu-Chen Kao, Hui-Wen Yeh, Yun-Ju Yang, Nian-Sheng Tzeng
To determine the influence of cognitive functioning on gait recovery after total hip arthroplasty.
Author: Francesco Negrini, Matteo Preti, Eleonora Zirone, Daniele Mazziotti, Marco Biffi, Catia Pelosi, Giuseppe Banfi, Laura Zapparoli
To develop a patient risk adjustment model for experience of care (EOC) quality measures for long-term care hospitals (LTCHs) that includes mode of survey administration. To assess presence of nonresponse bias in the adjusted facility-level scores.
Author: Sara Zuckerbraun, Anne Deutsch, Celia Eicheldinger, Alicia M. Frasier, John D. Loft, Joseph Clift

British Journal of Sports Medicine ( Full Text available for some articles)

Author: Mountjoy, M., Vertommen, T., Burrows, K., Greinig, S.
Author: Tuakli-Wosornu, Y. A., Sun, Q., Gentry, M., Ona Ayala, K. E., Doolan, F. C., Ottesen, T. D., Caldwell, B., Naushad, N., Huang, P., Kirby, S.
Author: Reardon, C. L., Hainline, B., Aron, C. M., Baron, D., Baum, A. L., Bindra, A., Budgett, R., Campriani, N., Castaldelli-Maia, J. M., Currie, A., Derevensky, J. L., Glick, I. D., Gorczynski, P., Gouttebarge, V., Grandner, M. A., Han, D. H., McDuff, D., Mountjoy, M., Polat, A., Purcell, R., Putukian, M., Rice, S. M., Sills, A., Stull, T., Swartz, L., Zhu, L. J., Engebretsen, L.

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Cariopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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New zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physical Therapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (Full-text available via NHS Athens after 18 months)

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