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  • Cardiovascular / respiratory physiotherapy
  • Cash textbook of general and medical and surgical conditions for physiotherapists
  •  Musculoskeletal physiotherapy: clinical science and evidence based practice
  •  Physiotherapy for burns and plastic reconstruction of  the hand
  • Physiotherapy for children
  • Physiotherapy in  orthopaedics : a problem solving approach
  • Physiotherapy in respiratory care: an evidence based approach
  • Practical evidence based physiotherapy
  • Recent advances in physiotherapy
  • Tidy’s Physiotherapy

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Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Full-text not available)

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation RSS feed.

To review the effectiveness of Botulinum Toxin A (BTX-A) for treating the loss of maximum ankle dorsiflexion range of motion after burn injury
Author: Kevin Vu, Karen Kowalske
To describe continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) use for treatment of obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in acute tetraplegia, including adherence rates and associated factors.
Author: Marnie Graco, Rachel Schembri, Jacqueline Ross, Sally E. Green, Lauren Booker, Peter A. Cistulli, Najib T. Ayas, David J. Berlowitz, COSAQ investigators, Bonne Lee, Allison Graham, Susan V. Cross, Martin McClelland, Pradeep Thumbikat, Cynthia Bennett, Andrea Townson, Timothy J. Geraghty, Sue Pieri-Davies, Raj Singhal, Karen Marshall, Deborah Short, Andrew Nunn, Doug Brown
In a sample of wheelchair users with spinal cord injury (SCI), the objectives were to investigate which subject characteristics are associated with greater perceived discrimination in the healthcare setting, and how such discrimination relates to health outcomes of pain and depressive symptoms.
Author: Nathan Hogaboom, Denise C. Fyffe, Amanda L. Botticello, Lynn A. Worobey, Michael L. Boninger
To describe Medicare fee-for-service beneficiaries who utilized post-stroke rehabilitation services and identifies the strongest predictors of utilization after the initial stroke care episode.
Author: Karen M. Keptner, Kathleen Smyth, Siran Koroukian, Mark Schluchter, Anthony Furlan
To examine the effects of earlier, more frequent, and larger daily amounts of postoperative rehabilitation on activities of daily living (ADL) after hip fracture surgery in patients with dementia.
Author: Kazuaki Uda, Hiroki Matsui, Kiyohide Fushimi, Hideo Yasunaga
To investigate the effects of unilateral hybrid therapy (UHT) and bilateral hybrid therapy (BHT) compared with robot-assisted therapy (RT) alone in patients with chronic stroke.
Author: Chung-shan Hung, Keh-chung Lin, Wan-ying Chang, Wen-chih Huang, Ya-Ju Chang, Chia-ling Chen, Kaiping Grace Yao, Ya-yun Lee
To examine the responsiveness and predictive validity of the Participation Measure--3 Domains, 4 Dimensions (PM-3D4D) in people receiving outpatient rehabilitation following stroke.
Author: Feng-Hang Chang, Pengsheng Ni
To evaluate the use of Participation Assessed with Recombined Tools – Objective (PART-O) in spinal cord injury (SCI) and compare it with the Craig Handicap Assessment and Reporting Technique – Short Form (CHART-SF).
Author: Gale G. Whiteneck, Julie Gassaway, Jessica M. Ketchum
To determine if prescribing a combined aerobic and resistance training exercise program in accordance with American Stroke Association physical activity guidelines improves mobility and physical activity levels of people after stroke.
Author: Dina Pogrebnoy, Amy Dennett
To determine the relationship between self-reported fatigue and aerobic capacity and muscle strength in people with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).
Author: Scott Rooney, Leslie Wood, Fiona Moffat, Lorna Paul

British Journal of Sports Medicine ( Full Text available for some articles)

Author: Valtonen, M., Waris, M., Vuorinen, T., Eerola, E., Hakanen, A. J., Mjosund, K., Grönroos, W., Heinonen, O. J., Ruuskanen, O.
Author: Mountjoy, M., Junge, A., Budgett, R., Doerr, D., Leglise, M., Miller, S., Moran, J., Foster, J.
Author: Schwellnus, M., Kipps, C., Roberts, W. O., Drezner, J. A., DHemecourt, P., Troyanos, C., Janse van Rensburg, D. C., Killops, J., Borresen, J., Harrast, M., Adami, P. E., Bermon, S., Bigard, X., Migliorini, S., Jordaan, E., Borjesson, M.
Author: Campbell, R. A., Bradshaw, E. J., Ball, N. B., Pease, D. L., Spratford, W.

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Cariopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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International Journal of Therapy and Rehabilitation (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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New zealand Journal of Physiotherapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physical Therapy (Full-text available via NHS Athens)

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Physiotherapy Theory and Practice (Full-text available via NHS Athens after 18 months)

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