Paediatric Books

Paediatrics (General)
Acute paediatrics
Ryan SW
Blackwell Science UK: Oxford, 1996.
WS 39  RYA

Advanced Paediatric Life Support: the
practical approach
Advanced Life Support Group
WS 100

Aids to paediatrics for undergraduates
Habel A
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 1995. 2nd ed
WS 18    HAB

Children in intensive care: a survival guide
Davies, J.H
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2007. 2nd ed.
WS 366 DAV

Clinical audit in paediatrics and child health – some examples
Scrivener R
Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health: London, 1997

Concise paediatrics
Sidwell, R.U
RSM: London, 2009. 2nd ed.
WS 100 SID

Crash course paediatrics
Bhakthavalsala, S.
Mosby Elsevier: Edinburgh, 2008. 3rd ed.

Core paediatrics and child health
Olver, R E Greene
Churchill Liv: London, 2000.

The care of children – principles and
practice in regulations and guidance
Dept of Health
WS 113

Paediatrics: a core text on child health
Waterston, T
Radcliffe Medical: Oxford, 2005. 2nd ed.
WS 100 RAD

Essential paediatrics
Hull, D
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2000. 4th ed.
WS 200 HUL

Nelson textbook of pediatrics
Behrman, RE
WB Saunders: Philadelphia, 2004. 17th ed.
WS 100 BEH

Paediatric Emergencies

Practical paediatrics
Robinson, MJ
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2003. 5th ed.
WS 100 ROB

What to do in a paediatric emergency
Higginson, Ian Montgomery
BMJ Books: London, 1996.
WS 205 HIG

Children in intensive care: a survival guide
Davies, JH
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2007. 2nd ed.
WS 366 DAV

Handbook of paediatric accident and emergency medicine: a symptom-based guide
Capehorn, D.S
W.B Saunders: London, 1998
WS 205 CAP

Paediatric Gastroenterology

Diseases of the liver and biliary system in children
Kelly DA
Blackwell Science (UK): UK, 1999.
WS 310 KEL

Disorders of gastrointestinal motility in childhood
Milla PJ
Wiley: Chichester, 1988.
WS 310 MIL

Pediatric gastrointestinal disease: pathophysiology, diagnosis, management
Walker, W.A.
Decker: Ontario, 2000. 3rd ed
WS 310 WAL

Paediatric Respiratory Diseases

Paediatric respiratory medicine
Hull, J
Oxford UP: Oxford, 2008.
WS 280 HUL

Practical paediatric respiratory medicine
Silverman, M
Arnold: London, 2001.
WS 280 SIL

Respiratory illness in children
Phelan Peter D Olinsky
Blackwell: Oxford, 1990. 3nd
WS 280 PHE

Child Abuse

Child abuse and neglect
Hobbs, Christopher J
Churchill Livingstone: UK, 1999. 2nd ed
WA 320 HOB

Child abuse and neglect: advancements and challenges in the 21st century
Sirotnak, A.
Elsevier Saunders: Philadelphia, 2009. 56(2)

Child abuse and neglect – a clinicians handbook
Hobbs CJ
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 1993.
WA 320 HOB

Child abuse, psychotherapy and the law : Bearing the unbearable
Kennedy, Roger
Free Assoc Books: London, 1997.

Ending child abuse : new efforts in prevention, investigations and training
Vieth, V.I
Haworth Press: Binghampton [NY.], 2006.
WA 320 VIE

Physical signs of child abuse : a colour atlas
Hobbs, C.J
W B Saunders: USA, 2001. 2nd ed.
WA 320 HOB

Child Psychiatry

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Taylor, E. (ed.)
Blackwell Publishing: 2002. 4th ed.
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Child and adolescent psychiatry: a developmental approach
Turk, J.
Oxford UP: Oxford, 2007. 4th ed.
Ws 350 TUR

Child psychiatry
Goodman, R
Blackwell Publishing: Oxford, 2005. 2nd ed.
WS 350 GOO

Child and adolescent psychiatry – modern approaches
Rutter, M
Blackwell Scientific: 1994. 3rd ed.
WS 350 RUT

Managing children with psychiatric problems
Garralda, M.E
BMJ Books: London, 2003. 2nd ed.
WS 350 GAR


Essentials of neonatal medicine
Levene, M.I
Blackwell Science UK: Oxford, 2000. 3rd ed.
WS 421 LEV

Neonatology at a glance
Lissauer, T
Blackwell Science: Oxford, 2006.
WS 420 LIS

Roberton’s textbook of neonatology
Rennie, J.M. (ed.)
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2005. 4th ed.
WS 420 LIS

Avery’s diseases of the newborn
Taeusch. W.H
W B Saunders: Philadephia, 2005. 8th ed.
WS 421 TAE

Examination of the newborn and neonatal health : multidimensional approach
Davies, L.
Churchill Livingstone: Edinburgh, 2008.
WS 141 DAV

Evidence based Paediatics
Evidence based paediatrics and child health
Moyer, V.A.
BMJ Books: London, 2000
WS 100 MOY

Evidence-based paediatric and adolescent diabetes
Allgrove, J
Blackwell Publishing: Oxford, 2007.
WK 810 ALL

Evidence-based pediatric infectious diseases
Elliott, Elizabeth
Blackwell: 2007
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Paediatric surgery

Jone’s clinical paediatric surgery: diagnosis and management
Hutson, J.M.
Blackwell Science AU: Victoria, 1999. 5th ed.
WO 925 HUS

Paediatric day case surgery
Morton, Neil S
Oxford UP: Oxford, 1994
WO 925 MOR

Paediatric imaging

Diagnostic imaging in paediatrics
Gordon Isky ed
Chapman & Hall: London, 1987.
WN 240 GOR

Imaging in paediatrics: a casebook
McHugh, K.
Oxford UP: Oxford, 1997.
WN 240 MCH

Paediatric radiography
Hardy, M.
Blackwell Science: Oxford, 2003.
WN 240 HAR

Paediatric Infectious Diseases

Clinical handbook of pediatric infectious disease
Steele, R.W.
Informa Healthcare: 2007. 3rd ed.
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Manual of childhood infections
Davies, E
W B Saunders Co Ltd: London, 1995.
WS 100 DAV

Paediatrics : a core text on child health
Waterston, T
Radcliffe Medical: Oxford, 2005. 2nd ed.
WS 100 WAT

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