Clinical Questions 2019-20

Below are the clinical questions received by meeting the staff at WMUH Queen Mary Maternity Unit and attending haematology/O&G MDT meetings during Apr 2019- Mar 2020. Please contact us for more details.  Last updated 27/04/20.

Secukinumab and Pregnancy
Caseloading and student midwives
Dinoprostone following intrauterine fetal death
Chorangioma of the placenta
Management of Ossification of the Endometrium
Management of ovarian torsion
Dextroamphetamine for ADHD in Pregnancy
Medications to be avoided in Myasthenia Gravis 
Endoloop vs. bipolar/tripolar diathermy for surgical management of ectopic pregnancy
Clopidogrel use in pregnancy
Clopidorel (maternal safety)
Fondaparinux in Pregnancy
Filshie Clips for Sterilisation at Caesarean Section
Surgicel absorption (time taken)
Topical Tacrolimus (skin absorption and use in pregnancy)
Waterbirth and association with aspiration pneumonia
Meptazinol for Obstetric Pain Relief (compared with pethidine) and effects on neonate
Maternal sepsis
Nifedipine for Tocolysis
Hepatitis C screening in pregnancy
Maternity telephone triage services
Success rates of VBAC
Recurrence of perinatal trauma/episiotomy in subsequent delivery
Vedolizumab in Pregnancy & Breastfeeding
Middle Cerebral Artery Infarction
Chronotherapy in Pregnancy
Obstetric rectovaginal fistuala
Obstetric care post bariatric surgery
CTG competency assessment
Postpartum long acting reversible contraception in low and middle income countries
Autism/ADHD in children delivered by caesarean section
Diarrhoea in pregnancy
Effects of poverty during the perinatal period
Bereavement and trauma support for midwives
Medication effects on male fertility
Effect of smoking, alcohol and illicit drug use male fertility and offspring
Paternal age and chromosomal abnormalities/miscarriage
Parkinson Disease in Pregnancy
Impact of paternal BMI on fertility and miscarriage
Impact of domestic violence/intimate partner violence on pregnancy outcomes
Impact of paternal mental health on pregnancy outcomes and wellbeing of the child
Paternal role in preeclampsia
Autosomal Recessive Disorders and X Linked Disorders in Malaysia
Hydroxychloroquine and Eye Toxicity
Crohn’s disease and mode of childbirth (vaginal vs. caesaeean delivery)
Progesterone and tocolytics for the prevention of preterm birth
Management of substance misuse in pregnancy
Schizophrenia and childbirth
Cytomegalovirus in pregnancy
Toxoplasmosis in pregnancy
Maternity Triage Services
Thyroid Disease in Pregnancy
COVID-19 and morbidity/mortality in pregnancy and neonatal outcomes
Midodrine use in pregnancy
COVID infections in pregnancy
Steroids and COVID-19

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