Board Games

We have a collection of educational board games which can be used in training sessions and to gain CPD credits. You can play one-on-one or in teams, we can also help you facilitate the game.

If you’re interested in borrowing one of our board games for CPD or training, or if you have any questions please email

The Drug Round Game is an educational board game which helps frontline healthcare professionals to understand, recognise and minimise medication errors.

The Game of Stools encourages discussion between players about prevention and management of infection, and increases knowledge and confidence around C. difficile, ensuring patients are cared for promptly and safely

The Infection control game challenges teams to reflect on how they manage infection and promotes teamwork and discussion to improve players confidence in managing on outbreak

The Sepsis game is designed to support the Sepsis Six care bundle and the Survive Sepsis training programme.

Stop the pressure: helping to prevent pressure ulcers game is an exciting, unusual and effective way for staff to learn about the prevention of pressure ulcers.

The Priorities Game (includes COVID-19 expansion pack) is designed to help healthcare workers and students develop their prioritisation and decision-making skills. During the COVID-19 pandemic these skills have been crucial for safe and effective care.

The Working Stress Game helps health professionals discuss work-related stress and think about coping strategies they can apply in daily practice.

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