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Returning to work

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Employment and voluntary work 

bullet Government Agencies and Partnership Schemes

 There are schemes to assist with returning to work.

Contact the local Jobcentre for an appointment with the Disability Employment Advisor (DEA) to see if you are eligible for a programme:

Jobcentre Plus, 10 Montague Road Hounslow TW3 1LL

Tel:  0845 604 3719

Schemes include:

 Work Choice

Work choice is to help people with disabilities whose needs cannot be met through other work programmes, Access to Work or workplace adjustments. The scheme is tailored to meet your needs. Contact Jobcentre plus for more information.

 Access to work

Can assist if your health or disability affects the way you do your job. It gives you and your employer advice and support with extra costs which may arise because of your needs. It may pay towards equipment you need at work, adapting premises to meet your needs or a support worker. It can also pay towards the cost of getting to work if you cannot use public transport, and may assist with a communicator at job interviews.

You may be eligible for Access to work if you are

        in a paid job

         unemployed and about to start a job

        unemployed and about to start a work trial


and your disability or health condition stops you from being able to do parts of your job.

If you feel that your disability or health condition is likely to last for 12 months or more and affects the type of work you do contact the regional Access to Work contact centre:

Jobcentre Plus

Access to Work Operational Support Unit

Nine Elms Lane

London SW95 9BH

Tel 0208 426 3110

   Email atwosu.london@jobcentreplus.gsi.gov.uk

Or contact:

The Disability Employment Advisor

 Jobcentre plus

10 Montague Road Hounslow TW3 1LL

Tel: 0208 607 1600


Opportunities London 

Opportunities London is a free scheme which provides flexible and individual support for people looking for work. The service is available to all people who are out of work including people who are currently claiming a disability or health related benefit. It offers a comprehensive advice service to support you from your initial meeting through to when you secure employment.

The scheme can provide:

        a dedicated Personal Advisor

        Advice on financial support  that may be available to you

        Access to specialist support services

        Health support and advice

        Childcare solutions and available grants

Individual programmes can include:

        Occupational training such as I.T, retail, administration

        Certification/Licence course such as in Health and Safety, Food hygiene

        Skills training such as developing communication skills, problem solving

        Jobsearch help and support

        Confidence, motivation and self esteem building sessions

        Work experience with tasters and placements, work trials or even self employment

 Opportunities London is provided by Seetec in partnership        with Jobcentre Plus and the European Social Fund.

        For more information contact:


         Tel :  0208 570 6260

         Address: Ashley House 86-94 High Street Hounslow TW3 1NH

         Website: www.seetec.co.uk/opslondon


Reed in Partnership 

Reed in Partnership is a free scheme to assist you to find employment if you are receiving disability benefits. You may be referred by the Jobcentre but may also refer yourself.

The scheme can offer:

        one-to-one support from a personal advisor

        Referral to a physiotherapist or counselling psychologist

        Assistance from writing your C.V. and interview technique through to support once you are in employment 

For more information contact:

Reed in Partnership

86-94 High Street Hounslow TW3 1NH

Tel: 0208 538 2830  

Voluntary Work 

Voluntary work can be fulfilling in itself but can also be a step towards paid employment.

 Volunteer Centre Hounslow

 The Volunteer centre recruits, interviews and places volunteers in community groups, voluntary organisations and, where appropriate, statutory agencies in Hounslow.

 For more information contact:

   Volunteer Centre Hounslow

Advice Centre

45 Treaty Centre



Tel: 0208 570 5083

Email info@volunteerhounslow.org.uk

Website: www.voulnteerhounslow.org.uk


Useful Websites

Information about Work after Stroke from Different Strokes


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