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Adult Social Care Services

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Adult social care is the term used for care services provided by the Council to adults from the age of 18, including people who have a physical disability or long term illness and older people who are physically frail. There is an assessment process to find out what your needs are and to determine whether you are eligible for services.

 Adult care services offer a range of services designed to help people maintain their independence at home.

Services can include:

bullet Information, advice and Social Work assessments
bullet Occupational therapy and equipment to help with independence at home
bullet Housing grants for adaptations to meet the needs of people with a disability
bullet Mobility/rehabilitation training, specialist advice and equipment for people with visual impairment
bullet Support at home with personal care
bullet Help for carers
bullet Day care services
bullet Incontinent laundry service and meals on wheels service
bullet Advice on financial matters
bullet Respite care to give carers a break
bullet Residential services when living at home is too difficult

 For more information, including about eligibility for services, charges and to ask for an assessment contact:

The Adult Access Team

         88 Lampton Road


          TW3 4DW

Tel 0208 583 3100

Email adultsocialcare@hounslow.gov.uk

For details of all services visit the web site www.hounslow.gov.uk

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