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The following pages provide links to good quality information on some types of Cancers.


bullet Cancer
bullet Bladder Cancer
bullet Bone Cancer
bullet Breast Cancer
bullet Cervical Cancer
bullet Colon & Rectal Cancer
bullet Kidney Cancer
bullet Liver Cancer
bullet Lung Cancer
bullet Mouth Cancer
bullet Ovarian Cancer
bullet Prostate Cancer
bullet Skin Cancer

Vaginal cancer


Uterine cancer


Vulval Cancer

Carer support  


Myhealthapps.net features 307 apps. The apps have been selected by 456 patient groups, disability groups or empowered consumers as their favourite apps. The reviews from these groups are supplied for each app, as well as weblinks to the groups themselves.


The following links direct you to NHS Website pages on different cancer types.     

Bile duct cancer


Bladder cancer

Bone cancer (sarcoma)

Bowel cancer

Brain tumour, benign

Breast cancer (female)

Breast cancer (male)


Cancer, uterine (uterus)

CEA test

Cervical cancer


Colon cancer


Kaposi's sarcoma

Kidney cancer

Laryngeal (larynx) cancer

Leukaemia, acute

Leukaemia, chronic

Liver cancer

Lung cancer


 Malignant melanoma

 Mouth cancer

 Multiple myeloma

 Oesophageal cancer

 Ovarian cancer

 Pancreatic cancer

 Prostate cancer


 Rectal cancer

 Skin cancer (malignant melanoma)

 Skin cancer (non-melanoma)

 Stomach cancer

 Testicular cancer

 Thyroid cancer

 Uterine (uterus) cancer

 Vaginal cancer

 Vulval cancer

 Womb cancer


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